Friday, May 14, 2010

Salem Country School #2 - 1899-1900

This old time photo of the Salem School was taken in 1899 or 1900.  It appeared in the Nov. 16, 1978, Chariton paper.  The school was taught by Mary Zimmers.  
Students are from left to right:  
1st row - Howard Threlkeld and Morris Scott. 
2nd row: two unknowns, Tarvin Gookin, Harry Clark, and Roy Threlkeld. 
3rd row:  --Gookin, Flavin Scott,  Ola Holmes, Archie Gookin, unknown person. 
4th row:  Maggie Gookin, Percy Zimmers, and Mary Zimmers, teacher.
Salem Country School #2 was located in Benton Twp, section 3, in the north-central area, of the township.  

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Roy Threlkeld said...

You have two unknowns on row two and you name three others. So, what about the sixth boy?Who is he?